Stone Coasters – Designs and Cleaning Tips

Stone coasters are utility accessories that you can have it in your home. A drink coaster doesn’t only protect surfaces of furniture against drips, scratches, and water rings but it is also can be a unique and charming decor on your table top. Like natural sandstone, slate, and marble coasters can bring a touch of beauty to your drinking time.

Sandstone coasters

Made of natural sandstone, these coasters come with a rough granular texture of rock grains. Also, adding custom designs, monograms, or different artwork makes it even more interesting and beautiful. Sandstone is an absorbent material which can soak moisture and hold till it evaporates. It is highly absorptive, so it can cause stains if not cleaned, liquids like tea, coffee, fruit juice, and wine can cause this damage. Put some warm water and scrub the coaster lightly to clean the stains, or cleanser which contains ammonia can be used. You shouldn’t use cleaners which contain bleach because they can fade the color of the surface.

Slate Coasters

Slate is rock like and has more durability than sandstone. With its contemporary vibe and uniqueness, it also looks more elegant with engraved artworks and logos. Unlike other stones, it doesn’t need much maintenance because it is resistant to scratches and stains. It can be washed with a mild detergent mixed with warm water and nothing else. It can be a fine gift for your family and friends on their birthdays and other occasions.


Marble Coasters

Marble is one of the most elegant looking designs and building materials. As it has a history of being used in artworks, palaces, and other architecture innovation. A marble drink coaster is a wonderful way to sophistication and beauty in your lifestyle. From a wide range of colors to unique patterns, it is available in many different styles. Marble needs more maintenance than other coasters. Acid-based liquids like tomato sauce or fruit juice can result in stains. Use a damp cloth or any marble cleaning product to remove the stains. Don’t use chemical cleaners and soaps which are acidic in nature.


Stone coasters are available in a wide range of categories on online shopping sites. The prices may vary from each site. Although, if we compare with materials, sandstone coasters are cheap and marble coasters are significantly costly in this case. You can get 4 sandstone coasters in $20 but it will cost above $50 to buy a marble drink coaster, approximately. You can also try to be creative and execute your ideas or artworks by making a coaster by yourself.