Bodybuilding without Going to the Gym

The belief of many people is that it is only when they go to the gym that they can work out for body building. However there are many great things you can do for bodybuilding without going to the gym. The first approach is to eat right and maintain a routine activity that will give you lean and sexy body. Eating junk and fast foods will not allow the dream of bodybuilding to come to pass in the life of any bodybuilder. This is because junk food is junk for the body, and needs to be avoided.

How to Build Your Body without Going to the Gym

Eat Consciously

You need to be a conscious eater to build your body without visiting any gymnasium. Hence, take time to plan your meals probably one week ahead or in 3 days. Before you begin a new week, visit the grocery store and buy all you have on your menu. Consider buying more fresh fruits and vegetables and re-consider your eating habits.

Include One Vigorous Activity into Your Life

The activity you incorporated should be performed at least 3 times in a week for the duration of 30 minutes or more. You can include jogging, swimming or other seasonal activities like golf or snowboarding.

Never be too Harsh on Yourself

A lot of bodybuilders have tried diet of no carbohydrates like Atkins and discovered that they gained back all their weight as they stopped. Low or no carbohydrate diets can reallyslow metabolism, worsen carbohydrates cravings and end up in weight regain. Everything is about restraint and control.


Take water whenever your body needs it. This is important when your body is dehydrated when it needs water; it will slow your metabolic rate down automatically, just as it will do in case of lack of food. On the other hand, your liver that is in charge of metabolism interrelated duties will turn its concentration towards water retention instead of taking care of other duties like fat burning.


Don’t Skip Meals

You should be taking at least 4 meals per day in an ideal situation. Recurrent meals also indicate that your body is burning off calories at a constant and more consistent rate. Therefore, make sure you never skip meals if you are aiming at building your body.

 Turn Your Routine to More Active Body building Activities

There are many ways you can turn your routine to more active bodybuilding activities without stepping the gym. They include:

Do some crunches as you are driving –As you are driving, tuck your stomach in and hold it in, release and then repeat. During your driving period, perform 15-20 repetitions once in a while and you will discover that your abs will build up. Even when you are not behind the wheel, you can perform this exercise when sitting on your office chair, while riding the bus or subway.

Walk rather thandriving – This does not mean that you should walk miles. However, if you are going on a short distance, take a walk instead. This will make you burn a lot of fat. Moreover, walking is an enjoyable, effective and great sport.

Climb some stairs –This is a great and effective workout that will make you sweaty and burn some calories.

Go out at your lunch time at work –Don’t join the bandwagon of those who order their lunch to the office. This is a big error. You can use your break time to walk to the restaurant. Apart from the fact that it will burn fat and build your body, it will also keep your attentiveness for the remaining period of the day and make you less tired.

Wrap Up

One thing we want to emphasize and make clear is that it is not only when you go to the gym that you can build your body. There are quite a lot of tips and tricks for bodybuilding without going to the gym as pointed out in this guide.

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