Information On How To Lose Weight Without Much Fuss

Men and women can reap the fruits and benefits of this program. This program does not provide step-motherly treatment to either of the sex. Both sexes are welcome whole heartedly by this program. It is well known fact that this program was started by Steve Holman and his wife Becky along with one of their friends. Steve has been into this profession for a quiet long time. Becky, Steve’s wife is also a very familiar and friendly fitness trainer for more than two decades.

This program was mainly focused on men and women who are above forty years. This trio created this program mainly for older people to help in losing weight and gaining muscles accelerate metabolism with nutrition and proper eating. By following four exercise system or F4x forty above people can become and healthy. They look much younger physically and mentally too. There have been very good and positive feedbacks on Old School New Body Review.

The main objective of F4X is to achieve best result without any delay. Level I is the beginners’ level men and women are taught the ways to burn fat with right lifting techniques and jading out their muscles with short rest of half an hour or so with training sessions weekly three times. Men and women would also be taught to eat health and strict eating habit which will help them to achieve their first test successfully.


Second level teaches to build well shaped body. This level not only teaches many new different techniques at the same time there would be some modifications from phase I and get more advanced which would helpful to build strong muscles. Healthy and strict eating food habits will help the men and women sail through the second level quiet easily.

Level 3 is more important than the first and second as in this level it is all about muscle building. This mainly for the advanced body builders who wish to enhance solid muscle mass. This level teaches what to eat and what not to eat. It also teaches how much protein a human body requires and how to build lean muscle strong.

Advantages And Dis Advantages Of This Program

Men and women are guided to the right meals which are nutritional and healthy too. They are also provided with time table which advises when to eat and when not to eat. Helps in sex drive and helps to look younger. Helps reliving tension and improves energy and mood. Helps to feel and look younger.

Disadvantages are it is not available in stores. It is short but exhaustive program of about 15 to 30 minutes a day, weekly thrice. Dedication is mandatory to achieve the desired results but it is must in any field.