Various Techniques Of MYOFASCIAL PAIN Treatment Midtown Nyc

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is the fashionable way of describing Muscle Pain. It is a chronic condition and involves inflammation and pain in the soft tissues of the body. Myofascial pain syndrome affects fascia or connective tissue covering the muscles and involves either a muscle group or a single muscle. The pain can be caused by a muscle injury or due to excessive strain on a specific muscle group, tendon or ligament. It can also be caused by lack of activity, repetitive motions and injury to muscle fibers. MYOFASCIAL PAIN Treatment midtown nyc includes trigger point injections, medications and physical therapy.

When it comes to medication, there are pain relievers such as Naproxen Sodium and ibuprofen available. If you want strong pain relievers, you must approach an experienced doctor. There are also antidepressants available in the pharmacies that can produce good results. A needle procedure is also popular treatment method for treating Myofascial Pain. Even injecting a steroid or numbing agent can help people to get rid of pain. Simply inserting the needle in the trigger point can alleviate the muscle tension. This treatment procedure is called dry needling and requires a lot of experience and training to perform. This technique involves inserting the needle into many places around the trigger point.

MYOFASCIAL PAIN TreatmentPhysiotherapy Treatment ForMyofascial Pain:

If you approach a physiotherapist to avail MYOFASCIAL PAIN Treatment midtown nyc, then you can expect him to devise a plan based on the signs and symptoms. The physical therapy treatment procedures optimum for physiotherapy includes stretching, posture training, ultra sound and many more.The physical therapist will train you some kind of stretching exercises that help you to ease out the pain in the affected muscle. In case, if you feel any kind of pain while stretching, the physical therapist will help you by spraying the numbing solution on the affected area.

The posture training is aimed at improving the posture and relieving myofascial pain in the neck. Under this therapy, you will be taught some exercises that can strengthen the muscles around the trigger point. The therapist also massages the affected area to help reliving pain. Long hand strokes will be used by the therapist along the muscle or put pressure on the affected area to release pain and tension. Even ultra sound waves are also used to treat Myofascial pain to promote healing the muscles by increasing blood circulation. Applying heat by placing a hot pack can even alleviate the pain to a great extent.