Three Things You Must Do When Your Children Are Small

Children are one of the most precious things that you can have in your lives. They bring so much love, joy and laughter into your life. However, when children are small, life is full of vaccination shots, avoiding sicknesses, calming tantrums and literally waging your own personal war to ensure that your child is kept as comfortable as possible. During this time nothing else may seem important than ensuring the wellbeing of the child. But, what you should remember is that you will never get back these years that your child is small and they have a tendency to slip past parents with no notice. So when you are waging a war against the common cold or ripping your hair out trying to figure out how to get your child to eat all the carrots, step back and take a breath. Look at the bigger picture and try to enjoy that little time when your child is still small. Here are three things that you should not forget to do while your children are still small.

Capture those memories

As mentioned above, those years when your child is small are never going to come back to you again. So try to capture those memories as much as possible when your children are small. What about the time that your child took his or her first step? What about the time he or she smiled at the first time? The time she wore those bright red shoes? Photographs will cherish these memories for you for a lifetime after your kids have grown up. So why not look into baby photography and invest in a good camera to ensure that you are able to capture those memories instantly?

baby photography


They say that reading makes a man complete. So why wouldn’t you want the same for your child too? Reading to their little kids is the last thing on many parents’ minds. They are either too busy with their own work or the child’s work to actually read to their kids. The thing with reading is that is catches on. So unlike baby photography, you won’t be the one doing it after some time. Once your child has caught the reading bug, it will be you and your child reading together. It is also great to have photography family portraits.

Get them used to the world

Many parents create a hypothetical world for their kid, trying to make it as sterile as possible. This doesn’t do much for your child’s immunity. So the next time your child rolls in a puddle of mud, let him. Or better yet, get down there yourself and have the time your lives. Make sure that your kid is properly exposed to the environment in order to be resilient to it.