Reasons Why You Need Facebook Pages Manger

If you want to gain a strong identity online, then it is impossible without social media tools. Today everyone who is having a presence online is well aware of the power of these tools and how much benefits it can provide to their business and identity. There are so many popular social networking sites where you can instantly gain attention such as facebook, twitter, Instagram. Facebook Pages Manager is the most popular app or tool that can aid you in gaining instant popularity. Here are some of the features explained and reasons why you will also need it instantly.

This app Fan Page Robot is available for iOS and androids and you can create and manage multiple pages anywhere. You can download this app from Google play or apple store. This app. is free to use and there are variety of features that you are going to get with it. here are some of them explained.

Features of the facebook pages manager

  • You can post photos, updates, videos and also respond to comments on your page
  • Easy to view all the messages and also reply to them easily
  • Get push notifications for tips, activities and also reminders
  • View the insights of your page, manage all the page roles and settings all under one roof


This app is among the best social media marketing services and it is absolutely free. If you realize the importance of the social media marketing, then it is going to be your best bet. With this app, it will get easy for you to manage your pages and also respond to your customers, which is important for your business.

You can easily view notifications when someone comments, likes or share your content and you also get push notifications as well. it is difficult to manage multiple pages of your products or services when you have so many other things to look after. Having this tool will give you ease of managing all your pages without any trouble. Boost your apps directly from app and I will also get easy for you to boost posts and schedule things with just few taps. The app is much secured and you area also going to get plenty of security features.

Facebook pages manger is necessary to have tool I you are having multiple pages to look after and shortage of time is your biggest hassle. Now no need to log in again and again because everything is at your finger tips.